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Why Having a Subaru Forester in MA Makes a Difference

A Subaru Forester is a fun crossover that offers safer travel for Massachusetts drivers. Standard all-wheel drive is built to tackle tough winter weather and to offer better handling year-round. The well-appointed, high-tech interior is sure to please the busy family or the daily commuter.

All-wheel Drive
With the Forester’s all-wheel drive system, every maneuver allows any or all four wheels to come into play to achieve the driver’s goal. This ensures that the Subaru Forester in MA is proactive rather than reactive. Each tire is measured for slippage, and the system responds by moving power to the wheels with grip. This reduces the understeer or oversteer that make it dangerous to drive on snowy, icy roads.

Consumer Reports
Consumer Reports pitted the Forester against the Toyota RAV4 and the Honda CR-V. The magazine reported that the Forester surpassed the others, never losing its traction or its balance. The test driver easily made adjustments without losing control, even when cornering or hill climbing. The magazine also reported that, in a survey of 50,000 subscribers, three Subarus top the list of the most reliable vehicles in bad weather. This includes the Outback, the Crosstrek, and the Forester.

All Weather Friend
When snow isn’t on the ground, this all-wheel drivetrain remains in play, making every ride safer. The symmetrical system creates a low center of gravity, which helps with cornering. Straight line acceleration benefits from the smooth flow of power to every wheel, rather than just the front or rear. On wet roads, the Subaru Forester in MA is less likely to hydroplane because the AWD system can direct power away from the slipping wheels.

The Package
Although it is called a compact crossover, the Subaru Forester in MA boasts 108 cu.ft. of passenger space and 34 cu.ft. of cargo space. The well-designed interior has been created to keep everyone more comfortable. Standard on most editions, power chairs take care of the driver, while reclining seats are available for the back seat riders. To take the sting out of cold weather, the Subaru offers heated seats, heated side mirrors, and a wiper de-icer. A remote starter can heat the cabin and defrost the windows before you enter. Cutting-edge dash tech includes a high-resolution touchscreen with HD radio and Starlink smartphone integration.

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