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Spring is here, and preparing your Subaru for warmer weather will both increase its longevity as well as performance. Check out these tips!

Your Windshield Wipers

Windshield wipers can become damaged during the winter months.  Before spring rains begin, wipers should be inspected.  Replace your wipers if they are torn or broken.

Your Subaru’s Tires

Winter can affect tires in many ways.  If you have not had snow tires on your Subaru, winter driving may have harmed your standard tires.  Check each tire’s surface and its treads.  Replace the tires if they are not in excellent condition.

Temperature can also affect tires.  Replace tires if they have become worn.  Check the air pressure so you can adjust it for warm weather driving.

Your Air Filter

Products that are distributed on roads to make winter driving safer can affect the air filter.  The engine will work better if you replace your filter.  You will benefit by having more fuel efficiency and better acceleration when you drive.

Clean Your Subaru

Even if you have not neglected basic car washing during the winter, there are extra steps to take when you are preparing for spring.

Even if corrosive residue is not visible on the parts of your vehicle that you can easily see, it is on the undercarriage.  Subaru maintenance tips include careful cleaning so these materials do not cause the undercarriage of your vehicle to develop rust.

It Is Time for An Inspection

This is the ideal time for a routine inspection and maintenance.  Your mechanic can make sure everything is working properly, and that the fluid levels are appropriate for spring driving.

He can make any repairs that are necessary, so small problems do not worsen.  A routine inspection will save time and money in the long-run, and reduce the risk of serious problems occurring when you drive.

Be sure to follow these tips to take care of your Subaru, and prepare it for warmer weather.


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