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The Subaru Brand of vehicles recently got the Most Trusted Brand Award from KBB (Kelly Blue Book). Honda previously held this award for a number of years. Subaru has seven models of vehicles, all of which are all-weather, high-performance machines.

Kelly Blue Book is a platform that collects the opinions of new car buyers on car brands, and awards car brands in various categories, based on the collected opinions. The results of the awards are displayed on KBB’s website,, annually. In getting the Most Trusted Brand Label in 2015, Subaru had over 12,000 new car buyers voice their opinions in its favor. Apart from the Most Trusted Brand Label, KBB has other Brand Image Awards that include Best Resale Value Award, Best Value Award, and Best Value Brand Award.

As aforementioned, Honda has been winning KBB’s Most Trusted Brand Label for years. However, in 2015, Subaru scooped this award based on its consumers’ high opinion of Subaru’s all-wheel drive that enables the vehicles to operate efficiently in any weather condition. Subaru, also, has numerous models from which buyers can choose. Subaru Impreza, Subaru BRZ, Subaru XV Crosstrek, Subaru WRX, Subaru Legacy, Subaru Outback and Subaru Forester comprise the seven models that Subaru has so far. All of these models give users the maximum fun, safety and recreation.

The automotive industry has many manufacturers of luxury and non-luxury brands of vehicles. Car buyers choose their new and or used cars based on personal preferences, style, car performance and cost of the car, among other factors. Kelly Blue Book collects new car buyers’ opinions, ranks car brands according to consumer opinions, and awards top brands with various awards. This year, 2015, Subaru Dealer in MA scooped KBB’s Most Trusted Brands Award, an award that was previously held by Honda. Some of the factors that elevated the Subaru Brand to win this award include its availability of a range of models, high-performance, all-weather features, safety, recreation and fun.

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