Patrick Subaru Overviews the Basics of Tire Care

Your car has many vital pieces of equipment, but all of them depend on the tires. Rubber tread is the only part of a vehicle that actually comes in contact with the road. To stay safe, cut costs and get the most out of your vehicle, follow these basic tips on tire care.

Under inflated tires can lower your gas mileage, wear out more quickly or even explode! Be sure to let them cool down and check their pressure every three to four weeks. Read your car’s instruction manual to find the right pressure level. Keep in mind that over inflation is also dangerous.

Every month, examine your tires to confirm that they haven’t worn out or been damaged. Ask a professional to look at them if you see cracks, bulges or holes. If the tread has worn to one-sixteenth of an inch or less; it’s time to buy a replacement.

A service center or tire shop may be able to fix a flat or damaged tire. If it cannot be repaired, then you’ll need to buy one or more new units. It is much safer to replace both tires on an axle at the same time to equally distribute the depreciation of the tires.

Until you can get a tire fixed or replaced; you might need to use a temporary spare. Remember to keep this unit properly inflated so that you’ll be ready for any emergency. Never use two or more temporary spares simultaneously, and try to replace the regular tire as soon as possible.

Your tires will last much longer if you use them carefully. When your car gets mired in mud or snow, avoid spinning the wheels faster than 35 miles per hour. Don’t put cargo in your vehicle if it weighs more than the maximum load capacity. Also, watch out for sharp objects in the road.

Winter can be a difficult time for drivers and their tires. For better traction, consider putting a studded tire on each wheel. Massachusetts allows motorists to use them from November through April, according to the state’s transportation department. Chains are also allowed in snowy or icy conditions.

Your tires will be sure to protect you and last longer if you drive with care, inspect them each month and regularly monitor their pressure levels. If you have any concerns about the condition of your tires, talk to the friendly service experts at Patrick Subaru in Shrewsbury, MA.



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