Make Your Subaru Look 5 Years Younger with These Five Detailing Tips

Subaru has a reputation in the car manufacturing industry for designing and building cars that are consistently reliable, safe, and durable. If you want to get the maximum benefit from your investment in a Subaru, it’s important to keep up with proper care and maintenance. Follow these five Subaru detailing tips to make your vehicle instantly look five years younger:

Hand wash the Exterior

Hand washing your vehicle is the best way to preserve the finish. Always wash your car with a formulated car wash solution, which you can purchase at any local auto supply store. Ordinary dish soap will remove dirt, but it also strips away protective coatings, leaving the finish vulnerable to scratches and nicks. Use a squeegee with a rubber blade to remove excess water before it has a chance to evaporate and leave behind dirt and minerals.

Condition the Tires and Wheels

Use a non-acid based cleaner to remove residue and brake dust from tires. Acids will damage the finish of painted wheels, and cause pits and oxidation of alloy wheels. Do use a degreaser on the wheels but do not use detergents because it can damage the car’s paint.

Protect the Paint with Wax

Apply wax every season, especially if the vehicle is outdoors every day. You should apply two coats to ensure you have covered every portion of the car

Clean the Carpets

Use a portable air compressor to loosen dirt off the carpet and blow debris out of the crevices of the car’s floorboard. Vacuum the debris off the carpet and upholstery. Apply a coat of conditioner containing aloe to leather seats to preserve softness and shine.

Clean the Air Ducts

A musty odor can make a clean car look and feel dirty. Use compressed air to remove all dirt, dust and debris from the duct work. Pay special attention to areas directly behind the vents where debris can cling to the surfaces. Change the cabin air filter periodically to help maintain that new car smell.

If you take care of your Subaru using these five detailing tips, your Subaru will take care of you with years of reliable, and stylish service.

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