2016 Subaru Legacy – New England’s Ski Trip Car
Another December has come, and with it another winter. Winter is a time of joy and excitement: holidays, ski trips and snowy adventures wait in the winter wonderland. However, winter also brings with it many challenges – snowy roads, bulky clothing and treacherous commutes. Luckily, there is the 2016 Subaru Legacy – a mid-size sedan designed to be the solution to all of New England winter’s problems. It features a large roomy interior, excellent gas mileage, unique All Wheel Drive system and plenty of storage space for winter activities. So stop by Patrick Subaru – a premier Subaru dealer in Massachusetts and check out the new 2016 Subaru Legacy. It is exactly what you need this coming winter.
MY16 LEGACY ANTENNA COMPLIANCEThe Subaru Legacy is one of the roomiest mid-size sedans available right now, offering over 104 cubic feet of passenger volume in its spacious cabin that comfortably seats 5. That means plenty of space and no jostling around on a long ski trip, even when everyone is wearing their biggest winter jackets and snow boots. Adding to the peace of mind you will experience with the Legacy on long trips is its gas mileage. Earning 26 miles per gallon in the city, 36 miles per gallon on the highway and 30 miles per gallon combined, it is one of the most fuel efficient All Wheel Drive mid-size sedans on the market right now. This makes it perfect not just for long winter trips, but also your everyday commute.
Of course, it is impossible to talk about peace of mind without mentioning the Legacy’s advanced All Wheel Drive system. Subaru’s Symmetric All Wheel Drive system is linked to a Subaru horizontally opposed 2.5-liter four cylinder engine to provide power to all four of the Legacy’s wheels at all times, which means that your 2016 Legacy will never get stuck in the snow no matter how bad a storm may get.
The 2016 Subaru Legacy is the perfect winter car. Subaru Symmetric All Wheel Drive will keep you safe through the worst storm, while the excellent fuel economy and spacious interior will make any winter travel a breeze. The 15 cubic feet of trunk space make it easy to get all your gear in the car, while over 38 inches of leg room in the back seat means even the kids won’t be complaining. So stop by your friendly neighborhood Subaru dealer in Massachusetts and check it out. Your new 2016 Legacy is waiting for you at Patrick Subaru!
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