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Summers in New England are the perfect time to enjoy the weather and time off with a road trip. If you’re planning to take your family out on a Subaru road trip this summer, it’s crucial to plan ahead.

What to Bring for the Trip

The first thing that you should take care of is the essential road package. This involves a change of clothes, enough comfortable socks, shoes, and pants for the weather, and some quick food that you can snack on for the drive. Things like sandwiches and juice pouches are never bad to bring along either, and be sure to keep personal tastes in mind. Think about some games that you could bring to break from the driving as well. This can be a great way to bond with your friends or family, and keep younger kids entertained in the car.

Where to Go

New Englanders have access to several top vacation destinations well within driving distance. The Mount Desert Island Loop has become an increasingly popular travel destination for its beautiful beaches and views of Acadia National Park. Located on the coast of Maine, this is a great place to picnic and visit for a weekend.

Coastal Crossing in New Hampshire is another great trip as well as a scenic drive. This is a particularly attractive place to visit during the summer, where you can take in the length of the beautiful New Hampshire coastline, and enjoy stops such as Hampton Beach, New Castle, and Fort Constitution.

The Green Mountain Ribbon in Vermont is another favorite of New Englanders. Lined with the gorgeous Green Mountains, this is a great day trip with great stops such as Warren and Waitfield.

Why a Subaru

Summer is a great time to enjoy the weather, be with your family, and explore somewhere new. On these adventures, reliability, safety, and comfort make all the difference.

subaru road trip

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