The 2016 Subaru WRX Offers New Spoiler & Better Performance

Subaru has announced a number of changes to its high-performance sports sedan. The 2016 WRX features improvements to its entertainment system, safety equipment, wheels and steering. Additionally, drivers will be able to choose between two different types of spoilers. Performance The latest version of the Subaru WRX offers highly responsive steering and an enhanced suspension….

The New England Motor Press Association Votes the 2015 Subaru Outback Best in its Class

There are a lot of motorists who think that Subaru’s rugged Outback model is the perfect car for the region’s terrain and weather. The New England Motor Press Association certainly agrees with this assessment. This respected institution has given the vehicle its vote of confidence as the “Winter Car of the Year” several times now….

Subaru and Pet Safety

People like travelling by car. They also like travelling with pets. Statistics show that roughly one in five pet owners claim to travel with their pets on their lap. Subaru is aware of the risk this poses to the many pet owning Subaru drivers and has stated their continued support of pet safety in cars….

Patrick Subaru Overviews the Basics of Tire Care

Your car has many vital pieces of equipment, but all of them depend on the tires. Rubber tread is the only part of a vehicle that actually comes in contact with the road. To stay safe, cut costs and get the most out of your vehicle, follow these basic tips on tire care. Inflation Under…

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